TUDICT ENGLISH - Study through YouTube

You cannot improve the level of your foreign language just by studying through listening.
You need to realize where you have trouble listening to and you need to get used to the pronunciation to improve your levels.
The best way to do this is via dictation.

If you use TUDICT, the YouTube Video will become the dictation guide book for your language study.
Dictate and repeat after different pronunciations that change according to where the native and the nationality.
Particularly, the contents are added continuously so that you can always have a new study material.

. Dictation exercises for Listening
. Speech Recognition and Shadowing (repeating after sound) for Speaking
. Dual subtitle video player
. Recording your study progress according to different dates

* You can use the application only if you have access to YouTube.com (STREAMING)
* Background playback is not supported.
* You may have to watch YouTube Ads.

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