You can listen to all the sentences of a TED TALK repeatedly or you can repeat all the sentences that contain a certain word.

Knowing a language means getting used to your ears.
You can use REPEAT PLAYER when dictation is not possible.

You can listen it on background, so you can listen it even if you are doing on other task.


From the LEFT menu, select All Talks.
(It's available Topics, Search as well)

Select a TED TALK from the list

Press the Repeat Player button

You can change the number of repetitions per sentence with the button at the top of the screen or choose whether to allow Background

When REPEAT PLAYER is showing, Press Home Button. You can listen it on Background, so you can listen it even if you are doing other task. (Background Switch ON)

The playback speed can be adjusted through the Up and Down buttons in the middle of the screen.

If you press the i button of each items, you can jump directly to the dictation for that sentence.


SCRIPT is also displayed on the lock screen.

You can perform other tasks while REPEAT PLAYER


Vocabulary related menus are located in LEFT menu

Type the word you want to REPEAT PLAY and press Search button

Dictation Sentences button is at the bottom of the Dictionary Search screen.
This button is enabled if there are sentences containing the word.

Press the Dictation Sentences button to show all sentences containing the word.

If you want more sentences, please Make Dictation
For more information on Make Dictation, please refer to DICTATION

You can repeated play all the sentences that are found through the Repeat Play with These Sentences button At the bottom of the screen.