TEDICT - Learn English with TED Video

To become good at English, you need to listen to it often, but simply listening to English is not enough. Just like other languages in the world, English has many similar words that are difficult to distinguish by listening. That’s why you need to be able to confirm whether you heard them right.

The key to gaining expertise is in mastering dictation!

When you listen to the speaker and type in the words, the program will check them, letter by letter.
Because it only takes a short period of time, you can use it on the bus or subway. You can also use it as a TED viewer through the video function with the subtitles activated.

The notable feature is that a huge number of TED lectures are constantly added, which means an unlimited amount of available learning materials for you.
TEDICT allows you to download as many TED lectures as you want, so you’ll always get new learning materials.

The World’s Best Intellectual Archive, TED
High-level TED speeches
This program even features various kinds of English pronunciations from all over the world.

Use TEDICT to listen to cool ideas from TED and improve your English skills!


Listen systematically and firmly and intensively
Two modes, one by characters and one by words

Watch video frames or adjust the playback speed

For details, please refer to DICTATION

Dual Language TED Viewer

Play with dual subtitles if translation subtitle is available
Various TED TALKS Listing Mode

You can adjust the playback speed to slow playback or fast playback.


Dictionary search
And You can see all the words in the Dictations which you made.

Making a wordbook.

You can search all dictation sentences that contain a word so you can concentrate on how the word differs according to the adjacent word.
and you can REPEAT PLAY all the sentences.

For details, please refer to VOCABULARY

Repeat Player

Supports REPEAT PLAYER to make the accents of the language to be getting used to your ears.

Supports background playback so that you can listen it even if you are doing other task

You can adjust the number of repetitions, playback speed

For details, please refer to REPEAT PLAYER


You can find out which TED Talk you watched,
how much you dictated,
what words you missed,
what words you looked for, and bookmarked

For details, please refer to RECORDS


You can see the SCRIPT of a TED TALK or list all the words in that TED TALK.

Universal App

TEDICT is an Universal App which supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!