TapCam offers IMAGE BROWSER for easy browsing of your photos.
You can also apply filters to already saved photos, or share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.


You can open IMAGE BROWSER through the bottom left button of the screen.

You can go directly to previous / next photos with SWIPING.
The bottom THUMBNAIL list is for faster browsing.

If you PINCH in the photo area, you can enlarge it.

You can share it with the SHARE buttons at the top.

You can switch to GRID mode via the bottom left GRID button.
You can apply IMAGE FILTER via the bottom right Edit button.

For more information on IMAGE FILTER, Please refer to IMAGE FILTERS

The GRID mode is convenient when the image you want to see is an old one or you are searching multiple images quickly.

Press the Select button at the bottom to enter the Selection mode.
You can select multiple images and delete or share them all at once.


You can share photos through the top buttons to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
or send them via e-mail etc. through the ... button.

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