MediaDict is a dictation tool for learning languages.

Korean Movies to learn Korean
Chinese Movies to learn Chinese
Japanese Movies to learn Japanese
Have you tried it a lot? But just watching is not enough to improve actual language skill. It requires something structured.

MediaDict transforms movie, drama, song to dictation materials

Media content included Items

Select the second menu Recents in the DICTATION section

The contents of [MEDIA INCLUDED] in the title of the list indicate that the media content is also included.

If the item contains media contents, the Make Dictation button is displayed at the bottom.
Click the Make Dictation button to download.

Once the download is complete, you can start learning.

User media content link items

Items that are not labeled [MEDIA INCLUDED] are that use user media content that only provides dictation data.

The bottom button is labeled Select Media and Make Dictation.

Pressing the button it displays the media selection screen.
it supports choosing media content from my Media Library or Documents

All you need to do is selecting a media content!

List by Dictation Languages

Select the third menu Languages in the DICTATION section.

The list of contents is distinguished by dictation language.