MediaDict is a dictation tool for learning languages.

Korean Movies to learn Korean
Chinese Movies to learn Chinese
Japanese Movies to learn Japanese
Have you tried it a lot? But just watching is not enough to improve actual language skill. It requires something structured.
MediaDict transforms movie, drama, song to dictation materials

And MediaDict also supports

Repeat player to hear sentences repeatedly
Vocabulary that can find the meanings of words and organize all the words into a wordbook
Word intensive learning function to focus on difficult words
Subtitle Editor to edit sync timing or sentences of subtitles
With MediaDict, you can learn languages properly!

Multilingual support dictation

Listen systematically and firmly and intensively
Two modes, one by character and one by word

You can learn various languages with subtitles and media contents such as Japanese and Chinese

Supported media content types: MP3, MP4
Supported subtitle formats: SRT, SMI, SAMI

For more information on how to create a dictation, see DICTATION

Dual language media player

Assign both dictation and translation subtitles, you can play them with Dual subtitles.

Use the contents of the Media Library (iTunes), or Copy contents that you have into the App via iTunes File Sharing

For more information on how to put files into the app, see DOCUMENTS


Look up all the words of the Dictation with the dictionary search feature and Create a wordbook

Search through all the dictation sentences that contain words that you can not hear easily. it means you can concentrate on how the words could be changed by the adjacent words.

Repeat Player

MediaDict supports repeated listening all sentences to make the language be familiar to ear

MediaDict supports background playback so that you can listen it even in device sleep mode


If a content is available on the web, Download it directly.

Subtitle Searcher

Search subtitles at or and use them.

Subtitle Editor

Is there a sentence that is out of sync timing? MediaDict supports fine-tunable subtitle editor

For more information on the Subtitle Editor, please refer to the SUBTITLE EDITOR